PIKSEL19 – e/co,li:b-re.bel

The 17th edition of the Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies, November 21-23 2019 in Bergen (NO)

Wired magazine reported, that Mr. Derakhshan “figured out a way to combine Blogger.com’s free tools to handle Persian characters.” This technical advance, Wired said, meant that “suddenly, blogging in Persian was as simple as it is in English.” (Mr. Hossein Derakhshan, after six years in prison, sentenced for spreading propaganda in favor of counterrevolutionary groups, blasphemy, and creating and managing obscene websites, he was pardoned by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. No reason was given for the pardon.) Piksel19 – e/co,li:b-re.bel theme revolves around the four words in the title which can define Hossein’s life, a rebel working on to make possible free speech for Iranian people.

li:b-re.bel also emphasize the need for personal freedom and privacy of our digital “I”, Cached Experience is an installation revealing your digital self to “you”; fiction, fantasies, exhibitionism, confessions, self-indulgent activities, solipsism motifs are the drivers behind Marc Lee’s work Me, Myself and I; it also refers to the basis of the festival: New media art and Free technologies, Piksel is focusing on the Free/Libre and Open Source movement as a strategy for regaining artistic control of the technology, but also a means to bring attention to the close connections between art, politics, technology and economy.

e/co and e/co,li combines the reality of our “zeitgeist”, where apocalyptic scenarios mixes together with denial crisis climate positions. We bet for exploring hypothetical situations, when the world is about to run out of resources it has long taken for granted, and you may find the new gold floating around the bottom of your own toilet. Urinotron, Photophonia and Invisible Ecologies play with that ideas from the bio-art view.

Piksel is an international network and annual event for electronic art and technological freedom. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free technologies.

This year we are proud to present more than 40 artists working with Interactive dance, laser performance, real-time analysis of movement qualities, generative algorithms to create musical structures and control the synthesis of sound and light, opti-sonic intervention, live coding muscles controlled, extreme computer music, electronic performances, voice and noise, psychoacoustic effects and environmental magnitudes into sound, light and movement.


Noish (ES), Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian (FR), Aad Björkro (SE), Aleksandar Bradic (US), Gabin Cortez Chance (US), Osvaldo Cibils (UR), Cached Collective (FR/PT), Hossein Derakhshan (IR/CA), Iodine Dynamics (FR), Adam Fish, Sarah Friend (DE), Susi Disorder(ES), Jukka Hautamäki (FI), Cy Edgar Keener (US), Søren Krag (DK), Marc Lee (SW), Zack Lee (US), Justin Lincoln (US), Oscar Martin (ES), Michael Mastrototaro (AT), Nick Montfort (US), Gabriela Munguía (AR), Martin Nadal (ES), Juan Antonio Nieto (ES), Pablo Palacio (ES), Ivan Andre Paulsen (NO), Itziar Markiegi (NO) Jana Jan (ES), Agnes Pe (ES), Alexandre Torres Porres (BR), Tivon Rice (US), Ninja Riot (UK/NZ), Gregoire Rousseau (FR), Gabriel Caniglia (US), Ozge Samanci (US), Matt Spendlove (UK), Jeff Thompson (US), Garen Jerire Torikian (US), Alex van Giersbergen (FI), Andreas Zingerle (AT), Arkadiy Kukarkin (US), Muriel Romero (ES), Marloes van Son (FI), Davide Bevilacqua (IT), Linda Kronman (FI) Susana Gómez Larrañaga (ES)

Piksel19 is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council Norway, Hordaland Kommune, Community of Madrid, Austrian Embassy, Acción Cultural Española, Pro Helvetia and others.