Jana Jan vs. čirnŭ

Ivan Andre Paulsen, Itziar Markiegi

SAT 23 NOV ☛ 21:00 @ Østre

Loud, extreme and unrepentant; both čirnŭ and Jana Jan are known for uncompromising and intense livesets. After being thrown together for the first time at the Bruital Furore festival in 2019 – finding their individual styles resonated quite nicely with each other – they decided to join forces again.

For Piksel they will use everything from homemade synthesizers to EMF-sensors to swaddle the audience in a warm and cozy blanket of noise; a feedback frenzy in multiple directions fed by the wonderful encounter of two noise-loving beings

Ivan Andre Paulsen

IAP is a norwegian DIY-freak, improviser, harsh noise fanatic and political subversive with a penchant for weird aesthetics,  balloon-dresses, unconventional approaches to sound and chaos.

His genderfluid and unpredictable alter-ego čirnŭ has spread hir cathartic and brutal love around Europe in the form of pure, undiluted harsh noise both solo and together with hir brothers and sisters (both cis- and trans-) in noise the last few years, and believes fully in the healing and transformational powers of extremely loud and obnoxious sound.

Itziar Markiegi

IM aka Jana Jan builds and transforms sound generators, mutates objects and experiments with feedback and different conductive materials that generate and alter sound with each movement of the body; explores the possibilities of sound, improvisation, randomness and performativity of sound; elaborates on the notions of error and transgender through fusion and transfusion of sound and visuals with DIY/DIWO elements, as well as through performative strategies.

Noise can be considered as an opening that shows that both music and gender are social constructions.