Interfacing in live electronics performances

Jukka Hautamäki

Finnish sound artist Jukka Hautamäki will be talking about how he makes live electronics sound performances with his diy instruments.

Through his practice Hautamäki considers the relationship between modern hardware hacking with similar practices of the 60’s and 70’s, and during his talk will also speak about these influences and his relationship to media art history and media archeology.

Hautamäki’s sound performances are microscopic studies into electronic sound. His live setup consists of diy sound devices – primitive sound electronics, which he manipulates in real time by changing components and reconnecting circuits. Hautamäki experiments with elements such as underhood work lights, electromagnetic sources, coil mics, diy amps and radio waves. For example the sound devices are picking up electromagnetic radiation and interference from various sources; fluorence lights and Arduino controlled lights.

Live setup is an abstraction of a sound machine divided into miniature components, which all have their specific task. Together these sonic components are creating vast network of tools for experimental performance.

In his live electronics performance practice he experiments with interfacing, by integrating bodily performance with media technology. Hautamäki will adress the concept of “forced” improvisation: his intentional challenge of using laborious interfaces, and turning chaos and trash-aesthetics into instruments of live electronics and inventiveness.

During the performances unexplainable electronic phenomenas happen, to which he is trying to react by improvising with sound. He is curious to study methods for creating sonic narration in relation to magic and hauntology.

Hautamäki is interested in how the design of the interfaces of his sound devices affects the artistic process of performing with live electronics. What is the relationship between art, craft, media archeology and lo-fi aesthetics in his sound art practice?

Jukka Hautamäki works with AI, electronics, sound, light and lens-based media, by studying relationship between human and technology. Exhibitions; Forum Box, Sculptor gallery and MUU in Helsinki. RIXC festival in Riga. The Horseandpony Fine Arts gallery in Berlin. Skaftfell Center for Arts Project Space, Iceland. Sound art performances; Harvestworks, Fridman Gallery in New York, Madame Claude in Berlin, Ges21 in St. Petersburg, Avatar Centre in Quebec City, Flow and AAVE in Helsinki. Lectures, workshops; Aalto University and EMMA Museum in Espoo. Kiasma and Pixelache festival in Helsinki.