Shuffling Stars

The installation Shuffling Stars is a randomized audio-visual piece utilizing two laptops and two PC- monitors with built-in speakers.


The bio / machine proposes an alliance between “intelligence” of a different nature, a chimeric device consisting of a biological pseudo intelligence (Physarum polycephalum) and an artificial psudo-intelligence based on genetic algorithms.

You are the Ocean

This interactive installation allows participants to control a digitally simulated ocean using only their brainwaves.

Cached Experience

The Cached experience offers a glimpse of your digital self, revealing how the outline of your online activity is quantified, interpreted, and profiled by contemporary social media algorithms. It illustrates how machines are learning to perceive you as a social creature and the assumptions they make about you.


“Urinotron” is an installation that can take many forms and whose function could be summed up to produce electricity at a local or even micro-local level, from an organic waste, familiar but intimate, the urine.

Toxic Digits

Toxic Digits is generative audio-visual installation that reflects on the inherent proliferation of the digital and itslong lasting toxic ramifications. Enabled by the extraction of energy and minerals, vast growing amounts of digitaldata are created and stored online.


“Photophonia” is an installation inspired by a Alexander Graham Bell invention (1880), using light as a transmitter of sound. Although this invention might be considered as obsolete now, in regard of the current technologies, this protocol offers to build and propagate very small and localized networks.


a chaotic and dynamical sonic sculpture of the piksel-exhibition,æther gives voice to the collective fields of electromagnetic radiation emanated from both the other installations and itself.

Digital Ice Core

Digital Ice Core is a light sculpture that re-presents ambient light readings in the ice and ocean below at full scale, recorded at noon local time between April 5 and June 14. The sculpture enables viewers to experience a crirtcal but vanishing aspect of the Arctic environment through open source electronics and data.

Me, Myself & I

Selfishness and narcissism are widespread, as selfie culture shows: We send mini-me’s into the increasingly important virtual body of our society to make others aware of who we are and most importantly, aim to be.

FANGo, a Facebook Amazon Netflix Google Obfuscator

“FANGo” is a defense weapon against surveillance capitalism. Hidden under its appearance of mobile phone charger will be provided with a micro controller that takes control of the smartphone plugged in making queries to google, amazon and other search engines, launching videos in YouTube in order to deceive data brokers in their data capture process.

Fiber Optic Ocean

Fiber-Optic Ocean is a virtual reality experience that generates procedural music and light from live data. Fiber-Optic Ocean portrays the struggle of human beings to survive in the age of corporations via the metaphor of sharks in an ocean invaded by technology and interprets what happens when technology invades the world’s oceans.