Invisible Ecologies Lab: wind instruments

The Wind Instruments Lab proposes an intensive work space in which we will construct different environmental sensors and explore different sound processes for environmental and meteorological analog data.

Mapping Smart Futures

In this workshop we want to investigate the sustainability aspect of smart cities and its underlying infrastructures. One of the aspects of the focus lies on the very same use of “sustainability” in the jargon of smart urban planners, which claim the eco-friendlyness of the smart world

Sounding Feet

Sounding Feet explores how smallpostural changes of a dancer can beused to control music. From an artisticpoint of view, this interactive relationshiplinks the musical outcome of interactionto the proprioceptive awareness of adancer and it exposes to an audiencethrough the auditory modality a dancer’sminute movements that might be visuallyhidden.

Environmental / Biological sensing using Arduino and other open source approaches

Find out what it takes to untether your Arduino prototypes from your laptop, and deploy them in the field for environmental or biological purposes. Learn the basics of batteries, solar, Wi-Fi / cellular / satellite communication and sleep modes. Get the download on batteries – what kinds are out there and all the factors that determine how long a battery will last.

EXCERPT video manipulation software

Visual artists need to screen videos of high quality in many different contexts. Possible context spans from clean video work presentation, single channel video in gallery, a series of video for musical support, audiovisual performance with real time video handling, use of pre-recorded material and real time generated images.