Limit of the Off-limit

Nnja Riot

FRI 22 NOV ☛ 21:00 @ Østre

A live performance where i have used the CHA/V video synth which I built and housed inside of a carved out book.

I am also using 6 voice oscillator I have made using open source files on Diy synth builds. This is housed in a marmite jar and works with light devices as it is light sensitive containing 6 LDR’s.

Nnja Riot’s music is an exploration into the possibilities of instruments, electronics, collected sounds and the human voice. She performs with a combination of instruments, self-built synths and video synths.  She has co-designed the Fort Processor which is a stand alone oscillating synth.  Nnja Riot is the solo project of Lisa McKendrick who is based in London and born in New Zealand.

Recently she has performed at Noise Shed, Sound Art Improv Electronics – Salon de Refuses, The Intimate Space at St Mary’s Tower, Classical Enemy in Noise Waters (The Golden Hinde), Skronktronic, Dronica Festival, Queer+_ Noise, Common Ground, Berlin, Liminality –  Gallery 46, ELECTROLIGHTS AV, Gleetch, EVTV, EAM Experimental Electronics, Sotu Festival Amsterdam, Supernoise Festival Aarhus.

She was featured in MusicTech magazine January 2019, The Sunday Tribune May 2019, Loose Lips blog, Noods Radio, Dronica Podcast, Resonance FM, Female Pressure Radio podcast and ZRadio.