ALOES: The Road

Alex van Giersbergen, Marloes van Son

FRI 22 NOV ☛ 21:00 @ Østre

The audiovisual composition ‘The Road’ is inspired by endless bus-trips on winter roads and the ambiguous feeling of being away from home. ALOES moves along an abstract road through a computer generated landscape of ghostly visuals. They translate their travels into melodic soundscapes with self-built digital synthesizers, field recordings and voice.

The sound is created using Arduino-based instruments, field recordings, a looper and voice. The accompanying visuals are live generated with custom made software.

ALOES creates atmospheric soundscapes with pop-like melodies, vocals and occasional crude beats that interact with live generated images. Through their custom software and self-built instruments they play with compositions of ambient structures, melodic elements, voice, landscape and particle based visuals. New media artist Alex van Giersbergen and sound artist Marloes van Son (born in NL, based in Helsinki) combine efforts in this audiovisual collaboration. Next to music, Alex and Marloes also join forces on artistic projects where electronics, software and self-made systems meet. Their installations, interactive objects, workshops and audiovisual performances often include human-system interactions and translations from the “real” world into a technologically constructed new reality. These ideas manifest themselves in sound and new media objects with a large handcrafted component and audiovisual performances where human presence alongside technological equipment is an important element. ALOES has performed around Europe, notable gigs include Inversia Festival (Murmansk, RU), Art Fair Suomi (Helsinki, FI), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO), Noisefloor festival (UK), STEIM (NL), SMC2017 (FI) and DASH festival (Helsinki, FI).