Shuffling Stars

Søren Krag

The installation Shuffling Stars is a randomized audio-visual piece utilizing two laptops and two PC- monitors with built-in speakers. Ten individual ‘star’-shapes, each assigned its own particular sound, flash rapidly through their four colour variations for a duration of five seconds. The ten ‘stars’ are played simultaneously on each monitor in a randomized loop, thus continually generating new constellations, harmonies and disharmonies both visually and auditorily. All components of the installation(hardware and furniture) have been procured second hand.

Søren Krag is a visual artist based in Bergen, Norway. He produces work within a wide range of artistic disciplines including; image, sound, video, installation and textiles, often with a special focus on utilizing electronic and digital tools. Krag is preoccupied with aesthetic ideas of symmetry and ornamentation, which have permeated the history of art(‘s and crafts), and which have wandered both historically and geographically between different civilizations and cultural regions. His work in diverse mediums may be seen as an expression of an ongoing material study.