Máquinas de lo invisible. #3 Resonancias de partículas del tiempo

Gabriela Munguía

Machines of the invisible are a series of site-specific reading and amplification devices of different environmental magnitudes that have transformed our planet in a geological level before the appearance of human being. Through DIY technologies, experimental electronics, sound, light and movement, this project investigates the convergence of possible ritual experiences through the use of contemporary technologies as terrestrial electro-geomantic acupuncture exercises. *#4 Aeolian vibrations* is the fourth activation of the project where the speed of wind is amplified and traduced into sound and light oscillations and vibrations.


Gabriela Munguía (México, 1985) Artist, professor and researcher. Her work explores the biogeo-poetics and politics that construct our relationships with living and the natural phenomena, merging the fields of philosophy, ecology, electronic arts, bioart and diy technologies. She studied Arts and a master in Electronic Arts (UNTREF). She is professor and coordinator of the 3D Laboratory at the National University of Tres de Febrero. Is co-founder of Electrobiota Collective and co-coordinator of the Subaltern Geopoetics Laboratory. She has participate in different international exhibitions and festivals as: “La Fabrique du vivant” at the Centre Pompidou; Biennial Art Safiental of the Institute of Land and Environmental Art; International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America; Teheran Annual Digital Art Festival; Cairo Electronic and New Media Festival; Piksel Festival Art, Science and Free technologies; Factors 4.0 International Symposium of Art, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul; Transpiksel Mx Festival, Art, science and free technology; Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_MX 06; Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo de Montevideo; Gerald an B. Cantor Gallery; Internation Bienal Kosice; among others. She has been selected in different international art residencies: Summer Sessions at V2 for the Unstable Media; Sala Taller IV at EAC of Montevideo; RAM-MUTUCA Brazil; Alps Art Academy; and Barda del Desierto at the Patagonia. Currently is part of INNOVART France-Argentine Program of Art and Innovation.