Nick Montfort

Slog is a delirious too-rapid wandering through a famous novel, in the original Norwegian and in its first English translation, as done by the author’s lover. Reload for a different arrangement of the six points of rapid serial visualization of the text; when satisfied with an arrangement, let the piece run and let your gaze wander among the streams of language.

Nick Montfort’s computer-generated books of poetry include #!, the collaboration 2×6,Autopia,The Truelist (first in the Using Electricity series from Counterpath), and Hard West Turn. Among his more than fifty digital projects are the collaborations The Deletionist, “Sea and Spar Between,” and Renderings. He performs and shows digital artwork internationally. He has six books out from the MIT Press, most recently The Future. He is professor of digital media at MIT, where he directs The Trope Tank, and lives in New York.