Crash Theory

Crash Theory is a documentary that investigates the entanglements of disintegrating ecologies, tumbling drones, and human interventions. This 45-minute video, by anthropologist Adam Fish, provides a first-person account of drones monitoring erupting volcanoes, palm oil plantations, and coral reefs in Indonesia; marauding elephants in Sri Lanka; starving orcas in the United States…


Slog is a delirious too-rapid wandering through a famous novel, in the original Norwegian and in its first English translation, as done by the author’s lover. Reload for a different arrangement of the six points of rapid serial visualization of the text; when satisfied with an arrangement, let the piece run and let your gaze wander among the streams of language.


A machine mapping input of n complexity onto memory of n capacity, meaning there is always a 1:1 solution. The input is serialized into arbitrary segments, then greedily allocated memory, causing fragmentation.

Paintbrush/Candy Color Loops

A productive technical error. I had trouble mapping video texture to a tube/ cylinder . None the less the video data pulls enough color to make an interesting 3D paintbrush. Color data comes from screen captured video of my Tumblr archive. The resulting images remind me of the lush baroque folds I like in the paintings of David Reed. Programmed with Processing.


This as yet untitled video series will eventually consist of 189 videos of less than a minute each. The 189 number is in relation to the number of spells in the ancient Egyptian “Book of the Dead”.

What Remains

What Remains is an 8-bit adventure video game about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion (ie fake news), and whistleblowing. It is distributed on recycled and repurposed video game cartridges, as well as with source code and instructions for the public to also produce their own.

Remembering Network

Remembering network is a kind of monument, a mnemonic placeholder – but one that is collaborative, local-first, diverse, and resilient.

Pebble Dataset: Interpolated

A poetic machine-learning dataset made of 5,000 images of found pebbles. Mimicking the datasets used to train computer vision systems, this project is an intervention that highlights the things we ignore when recording and classifying the world through data

Earthbound Battle Backgrounds

In 1994, the popular Super Nintendo RPG Earthbound was released. Most memorable from this game was its backgrounds, which were full of colors, distortions, gorgeous patterns, and trippy sequences.