Paintbrush/Candy Color Loops

Justin Lincoln

A productive technical error. I had trouble mapping video texture to a tube/ cylinder . None the less the video data pulls enough color to make an interesting 3D paintbrush. Color data comes from screen captured video of my Tumblr archive. The resulting images remind me of the lush baroque folds I like in the paintings of David Reed. Programmed with Processing.

Justin Lincoln is an experimental artist and educator. He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (BFA 2000) and CalArts (MFA 2002.) He teaches New Genres & Digital Art at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. His work involves creative computer programming, the online community of tumblr, video montage, and the history of experimental film. He is a prolific presence online and his work shows extensively in international exhibitions and screenings. Recent screenings include The Chicago Underground Film Festival, FILE Digital Languages Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CICA Museum in Gimpo, Korea, and the Dallas VideoFest.