Earthbound Battle Backgrounds

Garen Jerire Torikian

In 1994, the popular Super Nintendo RPG Earthbound was released. Most memorable from this game was its backgrounds, which were full of colors, distortions, gorgeous patterns, and trippy sequences.

I’ve reproduced the backgrounds staight off of an SNES ROM in pure client-side JavaScript:

Ideally I would like this presented on a wall in a darkened room, where visitors can project their choice  of tens of thousands of combinations, as well as its speed and aspect ratio.

I write fiction. I program the backends of computers. I create art that responds to the unique strengths and frustrations of tech. I am a card-carrying socialist.

I’ve been blogging since 2001, which probably isn’t as impressive as I think it sounds. A fraction of my older entries are archived on this site, and the others—deemed “too emo”—are stored on an encrypted disk that’s buried in the back of my closet, unlikely to be read by the public ever again.