Crystal Moss Core Force

Experimental programmer and musician. He bases his work on the deconstruction of field recordings, no-conventional sinthesis and the creative use of technology errors.


SNUFF !! It is the parasitic kidnapping of live radio broadcast to turn it into a single sound matter: no interviews, no news, no music, no announcements, without all those conventions that have been generated around the radio medium. The sound planes disappear.

Live electronics sound performance

Hautamäki’s sound performances are microscopic studies into electronic sound. His live setup consists of diy sound devices, which he manipulates in real time by changing components and reconnecting circuits.


Oecumene is an interactive dance and music piece that reflects on the role of the individual in the world, expanded through technology beyond the limits of her geographical birthplace or cultural identity of origin.


s p a t i a l an electronic musician and multimedia artist from London whose work pushes the dynamics of sound system culture incorporating low frequency vibration, hacked code, and optisonic experiments.

ALOES: The Road

ALOES moves along an abstract road through a computer generated landscape of ghostly visuals. They translate their travels into melodic soundscapes with self-built digital synthesizers, field recordings and voice.


Juan Antonio Nieto is a spanish experimental musician. He palys live electronics using field recordings as a raw material.

Jana Jan vs. čirnŭ

Loud, extreme and unrepentant; both čirnŭ and Jana Jan are known for uncompromising and intense livesets.

Limit of the Off-limit

Nnja Riot’s music is an exploration into the possibilities of instruments, electronics, collected sounds and the human voice.

Invisible Ecologies

Gabriela Munguía FRI 22 NOV ☛ 21:00 @ Østre This sound experimentation is an exploration of the invisible phenomena and environmental forces that transform in a planetary scale the landscapes as a resilience force of nature. Using a serie of DIY sensors and machinery this experience intent to amplify and transform different environmental magnitudes such […]

Bleep: A visual detour in Synthetic Biology

This visual work is based on the recontextualization of SynBio visual language, as well as the relevant data and research content from the field, to create a high-information-density abstract narrative posing questions at the intersection of biology, knowledge, and computation.


Based on a foundation of free, abandoned and outdated software Tipi conjures up sound from semi-antique laptops and other apparatuses.