Bleep: A visual detour in Synthetic Biology

Aleksandar Bradic

SAT 23 NOV ☛ 21:00 @ Østre

In this performance, we will be introducing Bleep, a new Open Source MIDI-driven browser-based vector graphics live coding framework, and using it to create an event-specific visual narrative exploring the topic of Synthetic Biology. This visual work is based on the recontextualization of SynBio visual language, as well as the relevant data and research content from the field, to create a high-information-density abstract narrative posing questions at the intersection of biology, knowledge, and computation. The piece represents a kind of a random walk through synthetic, algorithmically generated design spaces, which are controlled and modulated in real-time by muscle actions of the performer. In this way, the work questions the relevance of human action in our increasingly algorithmically determined reality.

All code and visual assets created for this work, as well as the hardware controller used for the performance, will be entirely Open Source Software/Hardware.

Aleksandar Bradic
Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA
United States

Creative technologist exploring issues at the intersection of Visual Design, Algorithmic Art, and Big Data. Focusing on questions related to reclaiming human agency in the age of artificial intelligence and digital control. A longtime internet software industry veteran, currently finishing an MFA degree and rediscovering the critical importance of humanities.