The ELSE library for Pure Data

The ELSE library also tries to fill in the void after Pd Extended got abandoned and presents a single cohesive system for live electronics. It also includes functionalities not available elsewhere and revises elementary building blocks of computer music already found in Pd or other systems, such as in the design of oscillators.

Mapping Smart Futures

In this workshop we want to investigate the sustainability aspect of smart cities and its underlying infrastructures. One of the aspects of the focus lies on the very same use of “sustainability” in the jargon of smart urban planners, which claim the eco-friendlyness of the smart world

Introducing Ofelia

Ofelia is a Pd external which allows you to use openFrameworks and Lua within a real-time visual programming environment for creating audiovisual artwork or multimedia applications such as games.

Crash Theory

Crash Theory is a documentary that investigates the entanglements of disintegrating ecologies, tumbling drones, and human interventions. This 45-minute video, by anthropologist Adam Fish, provides a first-person account of drones monitoring erupting volcanoes, palm oil plantations, and coral reefs in Indonesia; marauding elephants in Sri Lanka; starving orcas in the United States…


“Urinotron” is an installation that can take many forms and whose function could be summed up to produce electricity at a local or even micro-local level, from an organic waste, familiar but intimate, the urine.

EXCERPT video manipulation software

Visual artists need to screen videos of high quality in many different contexts. Possible context spans from clean video work presentation, single channel video in gallery, a series of video for musical support, audiovisual performance with real time video handling, use of pre-recorded material and real time generated images.